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News · March 18, 2021

We need your help! ✅

Help us figure out what to build next. 🛠️

News · November 25, 2020

Announcing Makerlog Beta

Mobile support, a 6x faster website, and a fresh new design. It's really, really great.

News · August 31, 2020

Town Hall – August 2020 🙌

This is what we've done this August and our plans beyond this month! ♥️

Maker Spotlight · August 10, 2020

The Lady Has Arrived

Leilany Casillas is joining us at Makerlog as researcher + storyteller for our blog! ✅

Culture · June 20, 2020

A letter to the maker community

My reflections on the maker community and the potential worldwide impact our movement can have.

Newsletter · June 10, 2020

This week in the maker community

Launches, stories, and much more. Here's this week's highlights.

News · June 1, 2020

I did an oopsie

Ladies and gentlemen, massive apologies for the previous email bomb.

News · April 30, 2020

State of the Log — 2020

2020 will be an amazing year for Makerlog. Here's why.

News · April 10, 2020

I screwed up

Apologies for the previous email! It seemed to show HTML rather than a nice post preview.

News · April 10, 2020

5 new deals for you! 🛍

More deals, exclusively for Makerlog members.

News · March 20, 2020

Introducing Makerlog Deals 🛍

Makerlog Deals allows you to earn discounts on your favorite products by keeping up a streak!

News · March 4, 2020

Makerlog 3.0 launched today!

Today is a monumental day in Makerlog history.

News · February 28, 2020

One, two... live! We're on the IH podcast!

It's finally here: the IH podcast with founder Sergio Mattei!

News · February 23, 2020

Introducing ✨

Introducing, a really simple and shareable domain for your Makerlog profiles!

News · September 18, 2019

Makerlog + Maker’s Kitchen = ❤️

Hello makers! I’m very excited to announce that Makerlog is joining forces with Maker’s Kitchen, and adopting it as the official chatroom community! Rationale After careful consideration and analysis, we realized something pretty cool: there’s a huge overlap between Makerlog’s audience and the Kitchen’s. Makerlog started out there, and many of our initial users are cooks from the kitchen! After Makerlog’s Product Hunt launch, I initially branched out as a separate community Slack as it seemed


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