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Todcast · March 15, 2021

🐦 Todcast: Gabriel Pérez Irizarry, maker of Caproni

Introducing the Todcast, a Twitter podcast series by maker Faiz Fadzil on indie making and bootstrapper culture.

Interviews · March 8, 2021

Bootstrapping a hosting service to $500 MRR w/ Philip Baretto ✅

Today we're interviewing Philip Baretto, a maker building–a simple hosting website for developers and freelancers.

Interviews · February 22, 2021

Bootstrapping a paid community to $1.7k MRR with Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward tells all about how to bootstrap a Slack community to over $1.7k monthly recurring revenue — in less than 10 months.

Maker Spotlight · November 4, 2020

Selling clothing online with Lachlan Kirkwood 👕

We interview Lachlan Kirkwood, a maker shipping a high-quality clothing line for 🛠 makers.

Interviews · October 21, 2020

Growing a SaaS from Zero To Sold with Arvid Kahl 💸

Entrepreneur & writer Arvid Kahl tells his journey & lessons selling startups & writing a hit book, Zero to Sold.

Maker Spotlight · September 22, 2020

Pouring Herself to Success: Dianna Allen from Terra 🕯

Dianna Allen shares all about building Terra, an eco-friendly candle company - and bootstrapping to $25k.

Maker Spotlight · August 26, 2020

Painting a better life through side hustles with Micah Iverson ✨

Micah tells all about his journey making and being a parent.

Maker Spotlight · August 10, 2020

The Lady Has Arrived

Leilany Casillas is joining us at Makerlog as researcher + storyteller for our blog! ✅

Maker Spotlight · June 20, 2020

Building a content creation machine for developers with Jorge Ferreiro

This week we interview Jorge Ferreiro, a maker from Spain that has built a content creation machine to help inspire developers to pick up careers in tech.

Interviews · June 2, 2020

From Miss Universe to Indie Hacker with Isis Casalduc

In this edition of the Maker Spotlight we chat with Isis Casalduc, a Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2002 turned indie hacker. She's a web designer and digital marketer working on a variety of projects, working to build sustainable businesses.

Maker Spotlight · March 27, 2020

How I bootstrapped a React codebase generator to $2k MRR with Gabe Ragland

Gabe Ragland from Divjoy tells his journey from being in YCombinator to $2k MRR as an indie bootstrapper.

Maker Spotlight · March 11, 2020

Bootstrapping to 2k MRR with Mike Slaats from Upvoty

Mike Slaats from Upvoty talks about his journey to $2k MRR and how you can do it too!

Maker Spotlight · March 6, 2020

From open source to first MRR with student maker Miguel Piedrafita

A student maker, Miguel Piedrafita tells us his journey from building OSS to generating their first MRR.

Interviews · November 1, 2019

Making a Maker: Sunny Singh, Leon Hitchens and Kyle McDonald

Are you really friends with someone if you’ve never imagined building a business together? Finding a co-founder is hard. You have to share the same vision and display an uncommon synergy. A friend is an obvious choice, but reality often gets in the way...

Interviews · October 10, 2019

Maker Spotlight: Good Vibes with Keenen Charles

Keenen Charles [] is a 25-year old maker from Trinidad & Tobago. He is a software developer who also writes about a variety of topics [], such as making products, self-development, and culture. Keenen has several side-projects [] under his belt, including InboxReads [] and TapTag []. His main focus right now is his latest project: Wave Radio []

Interviews · September 26, 2019

Makerlog Spotlight: Joseph Maxim from Stock Heed

Joseph Maxim [] started developing an interest in computers early on. Growing up playing video games, his curiosity led him to give programming a try: he wanted to build video games to share them with his friends. But distribution is never easy. Video games required a compact disc to install, which was impractical for a middle-schooler with a limited budget. Using the power of  the Internet was the easiest solution to accomplish his goal, and the interest in video g

Making a Maker · September 18, 2019

Anarchy in the U.K. with James Ivings and Danielle Johnson

They have had enough. Sunk in the apartment’s couch, a glass of gin in the hand, James and Danielle concluded they never had a taste for routine. The two software developers envisioned new horizons, it was time for a change.

Maker Spotlight · September 18, 2019

Maker Spotlight: Streaking with Basile Samel

Hello there! My name is Basile Samel, but my friends call me Bazbaz, or baz for short. I’m a Frenchman who just celebrated his 25th birthday. I’m currently working as a full-time nomad maker, I make indie tech products remotely while traveling the world.

Maker Spotlight · September 18, 2019

Maker Spotlight: Booligoosh

Welcome to this week’s Maker Spotlight, with our featured guest, Ethan []! Today he launched KanbanMail, and joined us to talk about how it became an overnight Hacker News success — and much more. Settle down, get some coffee, and I hope you enjoy the interview! ✨ Hey Ethan, welcome to this week’s Maker Spotlight. As is tradition, tell us a little about you and your experience. Hey! I’m Ethan. My first dive into the world of indie makers was about a year ago, wh

Maker Spotlight · September 18, 2019

Maker Spotlight: Mubaris NK

In this edition, we feature Mubaris NK, an indie hacker and maker of Eternity.


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