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#BlackLivesMatter, new newsletter, and much more ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Welcome folks to the new Makerlog Stories newsletter!

Welcome folks to the new Makerlog Stories newsletter! Every week you'll receive bites of what the community has done during the week, including launches, popular tasks, and much more.


We stand with the Black community. Below is a directory of organizations you can donate to help support the cause, plus an amazing tweet from the Product Hunt team showcasing Black creators.

New newsletter

Folks, we're starting a new newsletter with news from around the maker community, curated by your local friendly makers Kerr Travers and me.

It started out with a hilariously awful blooper, too:



Fire makers this week

Ely Fornoville is building a blog for diabetics:

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Top 15 myths about diabetes

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Community roundtable

Want to have an impact on the maker community? I'm open to emails or calls about community building or anything you'd wish to discuss (as long as you ain't trying to sell me stuff). - feel free to schedule one!

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